Day 58: Academic Entrepreneur-ing


I am the daughter of entrepreneurs and small business owners. That is not what I wanted to do with my life, and after much searching I decided to pursue an academic career. Four years into my training (yep – still a PhD student), I realized that I am becoming an entrepreneur anyway. LOL.


Day 57: Making the Dissertation Mine


A few weeks ago, in the process of writing my dissertation proposal, I felt that my progress was out of my control. And that my dissertation was not mine, but that of my advisors. I was wrong. This dissertation is MINE. And remembering that has helped me keep pushing.


Day 56: Measuring Progress


Getting to write this post took longer than expected. I kept trying to wait to post about advances towards my dissertation proposal. Unfortunately, I thought that I had nothing to report. However, I have recently realized that I have been measuring (and thinking about) my progress all wrong.


Not a Marathon, Not a Sprint


When I first started my PhD I was told over and over (and over and over and over) again that this was “a marathon, not a sprint.”

After spending more than 3 years as a student, I can confidently say that all those people are WRONG. This is not a marathon. And thinking that it is can have serious mental and physical health consequences.


Day 55: 100 Day Challenge Redefined


This is the Year to Conquer. And as such, I have been PUSHING to finish my proposal during the first quarter of the year. Spoiler Alert: It did not happen.

But all is not lost!


Pre-Proposal is Hell


A while back I wrote about the three stages of earning a PhD. But I was wrong. There are in fact, FOUR stages: Coursework, PRE-PROPOSAL, Proposal, and Dissertation. After talking with a lot of other PhD students, I have concluded that it is the most challenging stage in the process by far. Pre-proposal, in one word, is hell.


Day 54: Pivot


It has been over two weeks since my last progress post. I was SO enthusiastic about my progress and the direction of my dissertation. I was ENERGIZED! I had plans!

But then I talked to my dissertation chair who read over my ideas and concluded that my dissertation was “not viable.”

The horror.