Proposal Process

Day 62: This is not a Drill


My dissertation committee chair has finally – FINALLY – approved my draft. That means that I will be defending my dissertation proposal on June 15.


I cry when I work


Doing a dissertation is an emotionally draining process. It is known.  I have many different ways to cope, but I sometimes find myself crying.

I am not alone in this, my sister was told at the beginning of her PhD Journey that if she did not cry at least twice in her first quarter, then there was something wrong with her.


Day 58: Academic Entrepreneur-ing


I am the daughter of entrepreneurs and small business owners. That is not what I wanted to do with my life, and after much searching I decided to pursue an academic career. Four years into my training (yep – still a PhD student), I realized that I am becoming an entrepreneur anyway. LOL.


Day 57: Making the Dissertation Mine


A few weeks ago, in the process of writing my dissertation proposal, I felt that my progress was out of my control. And that my dissertation was not mine, but that of my advisors. I was wrong. This dissertation is MINE. And remembering that has helped me keep pushing.


Day 56: Measuring Progress


Getting to write this post took longer than expected. I kept trying to wait to post about advances towards my dissertation proposal. Unfortunately, I thought that I had nothing to report. However, I have recently realized that I have been measuring (and thinking about) my progress all wrong.


Not a Marathon, Not a Sprint


When I first started my PhD I was told over and over (and over and over and over) again that this was “a marathon, not a sprint.”

After spending more than 3 years as a student, I can confidently say that all those people are WRONG. This is not a marathon. And thinking that it is can have serious mental and physical health consequences.


Day 55: 100 Day Challenge Redefined


This is the Year to Conquer. And as such, I have been PUSHING to finish my proposal during the first quarter of the year. Spoiler Alert: It did not happen.

But all is not lost!