Day 61: Reflections on Academic Lives


Last year, the authors of this book reached out and asked me to write a “what I wish I knew before starting grad school” reflection. I was asked because they were trying to include many different view points and experiences.


Advice to my 10-year-old dyslexic self


Not too long ago, Dyslexia Blogger’s John Hicks sent me this tweet:

I have to admit I was at a loss for words and advice because I am so used to thinking about what could help me and other dyslexics in PhD programs. I had never considered a child’s perspective. Given that it is Dyslexia Awareness Week, I though I would take some time to answer.


The Irony of Writing for Dyslexics

AKA an apology to my Dyslexic Readers


I have several posts intended for people with Dyslexia about resources and strategies to survive a PhD. I spend quite a bit of time writing and editing these posts. I am proud of the information I am putting together!

And yet, I know that reading is not my preferred method of communication or learning. And the dyslexics I know agree with me.

So, in order to address the irony of producing written material for dyslexics, I have been trying to record myself narrating those posts. I imagined that listening to a person narrate is way better than using a text-to-speech tool.

I have all the tools I need: I quiet space, a microphone, and Garage Band. All I have to do is hit record, and upload the mp3 file in Soundcloud.

Easy, right?



Day 36: Dyslexic Moment

I posted this picture to Twitter:

I did not notice until now: I misspelled the word advice.



Day 33: Quora and Dyslexia

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 7.02.55 PM.png

I had been a long-time lurker in Quora. I had an account, and I usually spent time reading answers to questions that were interesting.

I always thought it was fascinating that people would give their time to writing answers for strangers.

And then I saw a question that I obviously could not resist:

Can a person with dyslexia study for a PhD? Can he succeed?


Day 29: How I use Dictation

Today, I was very close to not writing at all. It would have been my first day in #AcWriMo without any writing. The nice graph I have been keeping would have had an empty space. The horror!

I wanted to write. I really did. But writing (as in typing) is an activity that uses all my mental resources. Some people find writing comforting. I do not. It may be my personality (or most likely the whole Dyslexia thing).

And I was already taxed from fixing my code. It is lots of fun. It is also exhausting.

How was I supposed to stay on track my Writing Goals?



Day 28: Coding and Dyslexia

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 6.49.59 PM

Today  I spent all day finishing that code that has been the only incomplete milestones. I will debug and test it tonight and tomorrow morning.

I love coding. As a dyslexic, I thought that having all these random words would be hard to cope with. Surprisingly, it is not.