I am currently burdened with the glorious purpose of earning a PhD!

I originally began this blog in order to keep myself accountable as I prepared for THE exams (the comprehensive ones). Spoiler Alert: I passed!

Now, I intend to use this space to chronicle the struggle of finding my dissertation topic, my place in this field, and all the tools and skills I pick up along the way.

The most challenging aspect of this journey, though, is being an underrepresented minority woman with Dyslexia. Grad school was not created with people like me in mind.

The second most challenging aspect? Two months ago I had to move away from my home institution. Now I get to work on this dissertation far away from my library, my faculty, and my peers. But I WILL FINISH!

In my free time I like to – LOL I could not even finish this sentence. I’m a PhD student, I have no free time.

Thank you for joining me in this journey.

¡Si se puede!


3 Replies to “About”

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  2. Hi, Clau!

    Thanks for following me on Twitter! I have no idea why you would make that choice, but I certainly appreciate it (more than a few of my followers are “bot generated” and disappear after a few days…)

    I give you mighty props for seeking your PhD (which I never did, but then I wanted to be a disc jockey and cue’ing up a vinyl record is not a true intellectual pursuit…) and I am confident you will achieve your goal.

    All best wishes for your continuing academic growth and success! Remember, when learning to tame a wild horse, the first step is getting thrown off, but that’s not what defines you. It’s the subsequent steps that make all the difference!


    Jay Pochapin


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