Day 61: Reflections on Academic Lives


Last year, the authors of this book reached out and asked me to write a “what I wish I knew before starting grad school” reflection. I was asked because they were trying to include many different view points and experiences.

I was thrilled: I was looking forward to sharing my experiences as a dyslexic graduate student. I wanted to talk about choosing a non-academic career. I wanted to give voice to the experiences of Latinas.

I was also terrified: I wondered why anyone would be interested in reading anything I had to say. I thought that I would be unable to actually tell a story. I imagined that no one would find what I had to say useful.

With the encouragement of my husband, I accepted and wrote a chapter on the impact dyslexia has on the dreaded impostor syndrome. I am proud of what I wrote. And I am glad the authors chose to use it!

I received my copy of the book in the mail a few weeks ago (thanks, publisher!). I am really enjoying the advice coupled with more than 70 different reflections from students like me to professors with tenure.

To anyone considering grad school: READ THIS FIRST. It honestly gives you a feel for what this profession is.

If you want to learn more about the book, follow any of the links.

Note: I was not paid nor will I receive any compensation by publicizing this book.


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