Hello 2016: The Year to Conquer!


I have just said Goodbye to The Year to Thrive. The theme for this year is to CONQUER!

Every year, the themes I choose remind me that I have agency: I have the power to Kick-Ass! I can take Action! I can be Daring! I can be open to Possibilities! I can choose to grow and Thrive!

This year is no different: I can choose to conquer!

I will conquer my PhD. I will make sure to do absolutely everything that is in my power to move this process along. I will communicate more effectively with my chair and my mentors. I will continue on my 100 Day Challenge Journey by creating small goals and achieving them every week. Soon, I will be ready to propose. And then I will defend. I CAN, no, I WILL DO THIS!

I will conquer the non-academic job market. My path is not in academia. It is not a good fit for me. This was one of my biggest realizations during The Year to Thrive. However, I absolutely love research. So, I will leverage my PhD to find a research, analyst, or policy job.

I will conquer saving (money). I am actually really good at saving. But this year, I will not be saving money alone. My husband and I will both have jobs and we plan to save every penny we can so that we can be ready to take the next step: home ownership.

I will conquer the home buying process.  We will work very hard to make sure that by this time next year we are ready to by a home. We will both be first-time home buyers, so it will be an interesting process!

And most of all, I will conquer me.

I will be the master of my attitude. I have been guilty of having a negative attitude more times than I would care to admit. I made almost no progress most of last year in my PhD. And that made me have a terrible attitude towards me, my abilities, and my commitment. I began to change that with the 100 Day Challenge. This year I will continue!

I will be in charge of my reactions to setbacks (and there will be setbacks, I am a PhD Student). When an idea did not work, my reaction has been to abandon the idea and move on to the next. That was a natural part of the process. Now, I am further along. So instead of changing my research ideas completely, I will make sure to refine and edit my current idea as necessary.

I would also like to conquer my cat’s behavior – but that is a cause I lost about nine years ago when I first adopted her. Oh, well. You can’t actually conquer everything!

2016 will be a great year because I will MAKE IT a great year.

Note on the artwork: It came from Robert Valdez. I chose it because it is a representation of feminism and female empowerment that is more representative of me: A Mexican Woman.


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