Day 52: Music

I absolutely LOVE working on the data analysis portion of my dissertation! But it can get repetitive. I keep my attitude fresh by listening to fun music.

I have several different playlists for the kinds of work I do:

  • For my Dance Breaks, I have upbeat music.
  • For my writing, I use Spotify’s focus playlists.
  • And for crunching data and running models, I have a geeky playlist!

I am unapologetically geeky. I love all sorts of science fiction, anime, and video games. So much so that in my social movements class my seminar paper was about the role of fandoms in social change!

When I have to spend hours looking at the same numbers and formulas, it helps to listen to the music that reminds me of all the awesome worlds that I can go visit as soon as my work is done.

Music, For The Win!

I am tracking my progress here.
Join me: 100 Day Challenge Tracking


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