Day 41: Perseverance


The road to a PhD is long. Not because it takes forever (which it feels like it does). But because research is unpredictable.

We are all familiar with the scientific process:


Each step leads to the next. Each steps helps you gain enough knowledge to move forward.

But that is not how it really works.

You can ask questions – but that does not mean they are good ones (or answerable). Or if they are, they were probably answered decades ago.

You do background searches. But there are so many theoretical frameworks in each discipline, it is hard to master them all. Particularly because your question needs to address a theoretical gap.

So then you think you have a gap – but then there is the “so what.” Maybe the reason this gap is still a gap is that no one cares.

I could go on…

The point is that research is a non-linear process. You start, you stop. You start again. You move forwards and move backwards. Some times you feel like you are not moving at all.

And this is why perseverance is so important.

When nothing happens, you need to keep going.

When everything goes wrong, you need to keep going.

When no one else cares, you need to keep going.

When there is little help and no progress, you need to keep going.

Just keep going. You Don’t Quit. You DO IT!

I am tracking my progress here.
Join me: 100 Day Challenge Tracking


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