Day 28: Coding and Dyslexia

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 6.49.59 PM

Today  I spent all day finishing that code that has been the only incomplete milestones. I will debug and test it tonight and tomorrow morning.

I love coding. As a dyslexic, I thought that having all these random words would be hard to cope with. Surprisingly, it is not.

Coding is not about words at all. It is about creating a small system that I have complete control over. I can see the big picture and manipulate each piece! Insert evil laugh here: mwah-ha-ha!

If I was an introvert, I probably would have become a programmer. Still, my love of coding has been useful!

Now to celebrate Day 19 of #AcWriMo:

I am tracking my progress here.
Join me: 100 Day Challenge Tracking.


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