Day 26: Learning with Dyslexia


Earlier today, I answered a question on Quora about how to memorize text with Dyslexia.

People without Dyslexia take reading for granted. But when reading is not how you can learn, what do you do?

You Listen.

When I was very young (3rd grade or so) I began to make recordings of myself talking in order to learn.

No one taught me how to do this. There was no teacher looking out for me or giving me tips. Though my Dad is severely Dyslexic, my family had no awareness that he or I had this problem. So they did not help either.

I cannot recall ever realizing that this was the only way I could learn. I just did it. I had to learn, and that was the only way it worked.

Back then, I used cassette tapes. I would speak what I had learned in class. And then I would listen to it. I some times even listened to my tapes as I was falling asleep.

This is still how I learn best. Now, though, I have replaced cassette tapes with mp3s. I load those files to my phone and listen as I exercise and as I walk to places. Right before my exams, I even listened in the shower!

While I miss the cassette tapes because nostalgia, mp3s are much easier to store and manage. A quick search and I can find a recording from years ago! No more taping over old things!

My days of memorization are thankfully behind me. But listening is still the best way I know how to learn.

Now to celebrate Day 17 of #AcWriMo:

I am tracking my progress here.
Join me: 100 Day Challenge Tracking.


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