Day 21: Dissertation Update

Next-step: idea

My dissertation consists of three papers. When I began this challenge, my plan looked like this:

  1. A literature review of something?
  2. Some idea?
  3. Some other idea?

If you are concerned about my future as a PhD at this point, you are in good company.

My goal is to have the front-end (or theoretical arguments) drafted completely for each paper before I reach Day 100. It is, however, more than a little hard to write and make progress if you do not know what you are going to write about.

So, the first step was to choose a literature review subject. I chose institutional logics. Why? Because it is interesting to me, I had written about it before, and my faculty know about this theory. Boom!

After only 20 days (mind you, I had done A LOT of reading for institutional logics before), I have almost finished my lit review. YEAH!! I only have to write the references.

At the same time, I began (with help of my wonderful mentors), creating an idea. Now that the big push for the lit review is done, I can really concentrate on Paper 2. What is it about? Innovation diffusion. And yes, I am sure I will frame it with institutional logics.

So now, my plan looks like this:

  1. Institutional Logics Literature Review
  2. Diffusion Paper
  3. Some idea?

Not bad! I am confident the third paper idea will be born at some point soon!

Now to celebrate Day 12 of #AcWriMo:

I am tracking my progress here.
Join me: 100 Day Challenge Tracking.


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