Day 14: Morning Writing Sprint1


Every morning, I wake up in time to get to my local Starbucks when they open at 5:30 am. Then I challenge myself to read and write for one whole Pomodoro cycle (which takes about 2 hours). I usually write for about 1 hour and read for one hour. I get 500+ words written too.

But today it took longer. Sigh...

I hit a wall. I have no idea why. But It took me two hours to write 100 words. Naturally, I was disappointed. I was frustrated. I wanted to cry – but I didn’t because reasons (and public spaces).

But after a sip of my latte, I took a look at what I was doing. I was, once again, reading at the exclusion of writing. I let myself get bogged down at looking at one more article before writing. I got in my head about theoretical directions and contributions. I wanted to go back in time and correct my behavior. Alas, I don’t have a TARDIS.

Instead, I gave myself one more hour of writing. No reading allowed. And I made it!!

Now to celebrate Day 5 of #AcWriMo:

I am tracking my progress here.
Join me: 100 Day Challenge Tracking.


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