Day 10: Milestone 2

It is Day 10, which means it is time for a reckoning! Did I actually accomplish my goals?


On Day 5, I set myself some SMART goals. This is what I accomplished:

  1. I wrote only 2,258 words in total. I did not meet this goal because of my Day 6 distraction: Getting the Harry Potter tickets!
  2. I completed a section on my lit review – almost 4 pages.
  3. I wrote up the research question and updated hypotheses for paper 2 in an update to my faculty advisor.
  4. I did meet with Mentor 1 briefly – and I sent him an update via email.
  5. I did meet with Mentor 2. I got enough information to create the outline of paper 3.
  6. I sent an update with my lit review and paper 2 info to my faculty advisor.
  7. I also wrote up an outline for my paper 3. It was about 950 words long.

Not bad at all! SMART goals pay off.

Here are the goals for the next five days:

  1. Send update to faculty advisor.
  2. Send update to Mentor 1.
  3. Send update to Mentor 2.
  4. Read up on Norton Bass Models.
  5. Adjust VBA code for Norton Bass.
  6. Complete another section on lit review.
  7. Write 2,500 words.

Today was also Day 1 of #AcWriMo! I will be making public my daily writing stats:

Now, to read all the papers so that I can write all the words tomorrow morning!

I am tracking my progress here.
Join me: 100 Day Challenge Tracking.


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