Day 6: “It does not do to Dwell on Tickets and Forget to Dissertate”

Harry Potter Play Confirmation

I had high hopes for today. Wake up early, get Harry Potter Play Tickets, work on my dissertation the rest of the day.

I was so wrong.

The Naive First Attempt

I woke up bright and early at 6 am, full of excitement. I got my priority email and immediately clicked it. After waiting in the pre-queue queue for 30 minutes, I had to wait for an hour and a half to get to the tickets. There were over 17,000 people ahead of me. Still, I was beyond excited!

Eventually, I got there. The glorious ticketing website. That magical place with the potential to get me the tickets. I selected two amazing seats on the exact day I wanted, and went on to pay.

Then everything went wrong. My visa was declined. I was livid!

I called the ticketing office (with long distance charges) and nothing. I tried my husband’s card. Also declined. I was about to use a third card when my time ran out. I got a message letting me know I had lost my place, and I got sent to the back of the queue.

The Hopeful Second Attempt

There were over 15,000 people in the queue ahead of me. I was deflated and disappointed. I needed a break after staring at my computer for two hours unable to multi-task. I took the dog out for a quick walk. And I still had over an hour to wait. I took a long shower. Still 56 more minutes to go.

I tried to work on my dissertation. I really did. But I was concerned about accidentally closing my queue window.

I had only 15 minutes to go when the queue got paused. They ran out of tickets. They were going to release more. Soon. Or so they said.

About an hour later, more tickets were available and the queue began to move forward. This time, I was determined to make sure the payment went through:

Little did I know that when I made it to the ticket area again there would be NO available dates. At all.

It was time to get to Twitter. I found out there were a lot of people facing the same issue.

For 15 minutes I refreshed the page hoped to see the calendar issue resolved. My fellow Twitter Potterheads in this journey began to be kicked out. Soon, it would be my turn. I was desperate to get the tickets by now.

Then the inevitable happened and I was sent back. Again.

The Reluctant Third Attempt

The third queue was only 30 minutes. According to Twitter the calendar issue had not been resolved.

Time flies when you are waiting for IT to fix their issues. Before I knew it, I made it in. There were no fixes according to Twitter. So I should not have been surprised that there were STILL calendar issues.

I heard from one of my Twitter companions in this journey that she got the website to work on a different browser. So instead of waiting for 15 minutes to be kicked out, I took matters into my own hands and closed the window.

The Last-Ditch Fourth Attempt

Back to the queue. Again. It was going to take 30 minutes. Again.

I was not expecting it to work when I got there. But it did. I did not get my exact date. But that is OK. I got the tickets. Visa worked just fine (after calling them desperately). And I even got my confirmation email immediately despite all the problems with the system.

It was a long day of queueing. I had all the feels. But I appreciated the company of random people on Twitter.

The Lesson

I spent all day working on getting my Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets. But in the process, I completely ignored my dissertation. I should have followed this advise: “It does not do to dwell on tickets and forget to live.”

I am tracking my progress here.
Join me: 100 Day Challenge Tracking.


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