Dyslexic Resources

This is where you will find my posts with resources for Dyslexic PhD Students.

These are my Guides and Resources:

These are my post that discuss Dyslexia:

Got any more ideas of what you would like to see here? Leave a comment!


3 Replies to “Dyslexic Resources”

  1. How did your advisor and department take in the information that you are a dyslexic individual?

    I, myself, am a dyslexic PhD student and wanted to know if your fear about disclosing came true or if they where unfounded.


    1. I have yet to tell them… I really don’t think they will react well. If they ever google me, they will find out. But they won’t.
      If you do choose to disclose, I wish you the best of luck! Staying hidden has cost me dearly, but I have no choice.


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