Productivity Tactics

It is so hard to stay on track when there is no structure: there is no one checking on my progress, I don’t have any coursework, I don’t even have to teach.

I do want to graduate in time (and by that I mean within 5-6 years). So I constantly struggle to find ways to keep myself accountable to me.

  • Lego Calendar
    • In which I detail how I keep track of my time using Legos (hint: this is awesome).
  • Mailbox
    • In which I attempt to stay away from web browsers by using Mailbox as my email manager.
  • RescueTime
    • In which I use RescueTime in order to track my activities in my computer (mostly, to avoid gaming).
  • Captain’s Log
    • In which I create an online form to account for what I do each day. Data, FTW!
  • The Pomodoro Technique
    • In which I use a 25 minute timer to be more productive. It works!
  • A 5 Minute Dance Break
    • In which I dance to stay energized!

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