5-Year Project: THE END

With a little more time since I finished reading all those abstracts and papers, I have had the space and time to reflect on what I have learned.

But first, some fun facts:

  • I read 2,142 abstracts
  • This is roughly 291,024 words
  • I looked at 227 articles more closely

As it can be expected, at some point all these articles and ideas began to blur together. And while I cannot (nor should I be expected to) remember each abstract and article I read, I came away with a few thoughts that are in no way original but nevertheless relevant to management doctoral students:

1. Management as a field has a strange relationship with Theory.

  • Hambrick, Donald C. “The field of management’s devotion to theory: too much of a good thing?.” Academy of Management Journal 50.6 (2007): 1346-1352.
  • George, Gerard. “Rethinking Management Scholarship.” Academy of Management Journal 57.1 (2014): 1-6.
2. Writing for “A” Journals will require SEVERAL years of practice.
  • There is a certain “feel” each journal has, and developing an intuitive sense of what that is will take years. Faculty that publishes in those journals can help – and so can the following articles:
    • Colquitt, Jason A., and Gerard George. “Publishing in AMJ—Part 1: Topic Choice.” Academy of Management Journal 54.3 (2011): 432-435.
    • Bono, Joyce E., and Gerry McNamara. “Publishing in AMJ—Part 2: Research design.” Academy of Management Journal 54.4 (2011): 657-660.
    • Grant, Adam M., and Timothy G. Pollock. “Publishing in AMJ—Part 3: Setting the hook.” Academy of Management Journal 54.5 (2011): 873-879.
    • Sparrowe, Raymond T., and Kyle J. Mayer. “Publishing in AMJ—Part 4: Grounding Hypotheses.” Academy of Management Journal 54.6 (2011): 1098-1102.
    • Zhang, Yan Anthea, and Jason D. Shaw. “Publishing in AMJ—Part 5: Crafting the methods and results.” Academy of Management Journal 55.1 (2012): 8-12.
    • Geletkanycz, Marta, and Bennett J. Tepper. “Publishing in AMJ–Part 6: Discussing the Implications.” Academy of management journal 55.2 (2012): 256-260.
    • Corley, Kevin. “Publishing in AMJ—Part 7: What’s Different about Qualitative Research?.” Academy of management Journal 55.3 (2012): 509-513.
3. The most interesting papers, had interesting stories.
  • Daft, Richard L. “Learning the craft of organizational research.” Academy of Management Review 8.4 (1983): 539-546.

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