Always Up-to-Date: Learning Resources

This is my always up-to-date page of Learning Resources. As I navigate the PhD process, I will make sure to collect as many resources as I can.

At the moment, I have collected resources for Statistics, Programming, and Writing.

Last Updated: August, 2016.


Learning the Basics

Using Statistical Programs

  • How to Stats
    • This is a YouTube channel. The link above is for their blog page, in which they categorize all the topics they have covered.
    • The focus is on SPSS.
  • Introduction to STATA
    • This is a tutorial website by Princeton and emphasizes data management and graphics.
  • SAS Learning Modules
    • This is a tutorial website by UCLA and covers all the basics of working in SAS.
  • Try R
    • Try by Code School. This is a fun, and short intro to the basis in R.
    • For those that need to use Excel. Sounds basic, but I actually use VBA code in my forecasting analyses.

Beyond the Basics

  • Analytics4All
    • Where you get to see how to apply all your stats knowledge.


Learning to Code

  • Code Academy
    • I used this to teach myself Python.
  • Code School
    • I use this to learn Git.
  • W3Schools
    • I used this (a long time ago now) to teach myself HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL.
  • Teach Y0urself
    • A list of tutorials recommended by programmers.

Programming Languages




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