5-Year Project: 2012 Review

In 2012, I looked at 325 articles. I must be getting better at figuring out what I like, because there are only 26 articles in the short list!

I am trying to be careful about what I read. And think carefully about each article on the short list. It is hard though, at this point it is all running together…

Some of the gems on this year is the continuation of AMJ’s “Publishing in AMJ” series. Another awesome thing, the use of liminality in one of the articles (yay!).

  1. Almandoz, J. 2012. Arriving at the starting line: The impact of community and financial logics on new banking ventures. Academy of Management Journal, amj–2011.
  2. Anteby, M., & Molnar, V. 2012. Collective memory meets organizational identity: Remembering to forget in a firm’s rhetorical history. Academy of Management Journal, 55(3): 515–540.
  3. Blettner, D. P., Chaddad, F. R., & Bettis, R. A. 2012. The CEO performance effect: statistical issues and a complex fit perspective. Strategic Management Journal, 33(8): 986–999.
  4. Corley, K. 2012. Publishing in AMJ—Part 7: What’s Different about Qualitative Research? Academy of management Journal, 55(3): 509–513.
  5. Dezsö, C. L., & Ross, D. G. 2012. Does female representation in top management improve firm performance? A panel data investigation. Strategic Management Journal, 33(9): 1072–1089.
  6. Fiol, C. M., & Romanelli, E. 2012. Before identity: The emergence of new organizational forms. Organization Science, 23(3): 597–611.
  7. Fulmer, I. S. 2012. Editor’s comments: The craft of writing theory articles—Variety and similarity in AMR. Academy of Management Review, 37(3): 327–331.
  8. Gary, M. S., Wood, R. E., & Pillinger, T. 2012. Enhancing mental models, analogical transfer, and performance in strategic decision making. Strategic Management Journal, 33(11): 1229–1246.
  9. Gavetti, G. 2012. PERSPECTIVE—Toward a behavioral theory of strategy. Organization Science, 23(1): 267–285.
  10. Geletkanycz, M., & Tepper, B. J. 2012. Publishing in AMJ–part 6: Discussing the implications. Academy of management journal, 55(2): 256–260.
  11. Helms, W., Oliver, C., & Webb, K. 2012. Antecedents of settlement on a new institutional practice: Negotiation of the ISO 26000 standard on social responsibility. Academy of Management Journal, amj–2010.
  12. Kivleniece, I., & Quelin, B. V. 2012. Creating and capturing value in public-private ties: a private actor’s perspective. Academy of Management Review, 37(2): 272–299.
  14. Lawrence, T. B., & Maitlis, S. 2012. Care and possibility: Enacting an ethic of care through narrative practice. Academy of Management Review, 37(4): 641–663.
  15. Lepoutre, J. M. W. N., & Valente, M. 2012. Fools breaking out: The role of symbolic and material immunity in explaining institutional nonconformity. Academy of Management Journal, 55(2): 285–313.
  16. Mantere, S., Schildt, H. A., & Sillince, J. A. A. 2012. Reversal of strategic change. Academy of Management Journal, 55(1): 172–196.
  17. Nag, R., & Gioia, D. A. 2012. From common to uncommon knowledge: foundations of firm-specific use of knowledge as a resource. Academy of Management Journal, 55(2): 421–457.
  18. Quigley, T. J., & Hambrick, D. C. 2012. When the former CEO stays on as board chair: Effects on successor discretion, strategic change, and performance. Strategic Management Journal, 33(7): 834–859.
  19. Ragins, B. 2012. Reflections on the craft of clear writing. Academy of Management Review, amr–2012.
  20. Ritchie, W. J., & Melnyk, S. A. 2012. The impact of emerging institutional norms on adoption timing decisions: evidence from C‐TPAT—A government antiterrorism initiative. Strategic Management Journal, 33(7): 860–870.
  21. Ronda‐Pupo, G. A., & Guerras‐Martin, L. Á. 2012. Dynamics of the evolution of the strategy concept 1962–2008: a co‐word analysis. Strategic Management Journal, 33(2): 162–188.
  22. Rynes, S., Bartunek, J., Dutton, J., & Margolis, J. 2012. Care and compassion through an organizational lens: Opening up new possibilities. Academy of Management Review, amr–2012.
  23. Smets, M., Morris, T. I. M., & Greenwood, R. 2011. From practice to field: A multi-level model of practice-driven institutional change. Academy of Management Journal, amj–2010.
  24. Soda, G., & Zaheer, A. 2012. A network perspective on organizational architecture: performance effects of the interplay of formal and informal organization. Strategic Management Journal, 33(6): 751–771.
  25. Voronov, M., & Vince, R. 2012. Integrating emotions into the analysis of institutional work. Academy of Management Review, 37(1): 58–81.
  26. Zhang, Y. A., & Shaw, J. D. 2012. Publishing in AMJ—Part 5: Crafting the methods and results. Academy of Management Journal, 55(1): 8–12.

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