The End: Putting It All Together

Now that I have finished making a blog post for each of the major ideas for my exam, it is time to put it all together.

I have previously mentioned how I was working on a mindmap in order to accomplish this. My remaining task is not just synthesizing, it is also memorizing. This represents a challenge since I have never memorized anything as a way to prepare for an exam.

I recently linked this article from Mental Floss on my twitter. In it, the author describes 11 different ways to improve my memory. They are:

  1. Concentrate For Eight Seconds
  2. Don’t Walk Through A Doorway
  3. Make A Fist
  4. Exercise
  5. Sleep
  6. Use Crazy Fonts
  7. Chew Gum
  8. Write Things Out
  9. Know When To Turn The Music On—And Off
  10. Visualize
  11. Doodle

In an attempt to memorize for the first time ever, I am making flashcards by hand. Making flashcards helps with concentrating for more than eight seconds and writing things out. In addition, it helps me to review. Once I finish a particular theory, I will go to the mindmap to see if I can put things together from memory. This also helps visualize.

This is how I will be spending the rest of the day today. And possibly tomorrow.
The exams are next week…
¡Arriba y adelante!

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