The Final Countdown

My comprehensive exams are in 21 days. Just today, I was informed the source materials for the exam have doubled. Doubled!

I have been enjoying my time preparing for “the last exam I will ever take.” It has been a fantastic opportunity to review the material I have been exposed to, and an interesting way to develop and refine my research interests.

With three weeks to go, I had plenty of time to really delve into all the subjects and synthesize the information that I was learning at a deep level. Now, with double the material, I am afraid I will need to rush the process. It is disheartening that I will not have the time to understand the added material at the level that I was aiming.

My strategy to study and pass comps will have to change:

¡Arriba y Adelante!

UPDATE: And now the person in charge has decided that we will stick with the original plan!


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